Why Be an Airbnb Host?

There are so many benefits to being an Airbnb host, besides having your space filled by someone that needs it in exchange for some extra income.

Sure, there are plenty of bad renters and terrible snafus with Airbnb. There are lots of great and untold stories about excellent guests. One of the best perks of being an Airbnb host is meeting lots of interesting guests from all over. Depending on the area and attractions and special events, you might meet guests from your state, country, or even worldwide! There is so much to be learned from guests from different backgrounds, and that goes both ways! Airbnb creates relationships that would never have existed otherwise with people from all different parts of the world through their fantastic platform that makes it easy to have guests in your home.

Some draws to your property that can help you bring in profit from renting it out include location in relation to attractions (theme parks, sports stadiums, beach, downtown), the type of rental property offered (room, shared space, or entire space), the target rental audience, and rental economics (price vs what is offered and what others are offering in the area).

In addition to the benefits above, learning hospitality skills (guest service, marketing, and finance) will allow you the opportunity for personal growth. You will also learn new ways to impress your guests and you can take that creativity to your personal life- like leaving notes for your guests when they arrive- you could also do this for a friend or family. What an impression you could make!

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By Corey Coyle, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=52464477

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