Why All Airbnb Hosts Should Hire a Cleaning Service

If you are a full-time Airbnb host (like myself), you will be busy with all of the regular duties associated with managing properties, including marketing, customer satisfaction and managing the cleaning crew. There’s a lot to balance and keep in line.

There are roles in the management of multiple properties that only you can play, like customer correspondence. Don’t spend your time cleaning your Airbnb property or properties. Delegate this to a cleaning company which will allow you to invest more time in your business. (Alternately, I can manage your properties for you!)

Since Airbnb allows you to charge a cleaning fee, take advantage of this opportunity. Airbnb will not check up on you to see how you spent that fee, so you might consider using this fund for things like a cleaning service, laundry service, and even landscaping and maintenance. You want to keep your property looking at its best between guests so that you can continue to rent it out regularly. The benefits of using this fee in such a manner include keeping your unit looking the best, freeing your time for tasks that will allow you to grow your business, allow you to focus on the core of your business, and it also delivers a consistent high quality experience to your future guests.

Cleaning is something that is essential to managing an Airbnb property, and something that your guests expect. How you go about it is up to you, but we recommend finding a reputable cleaning service from care.com or a local cleaner through referrals. Alternately, Airbnb Investor Style can manage your properties and take care of all of these things for you with our systematized processes.

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