What is it Like Staying in Someone Else’s Home; Airbnb Tips


Have you ever stayed in a stranger’s home, either while they were there or not there? Perhaps you have done so through Airbnb, a website that allows strangers to rent a room, an apartment, or a whole house for a day, a few days, a week, a month, or longer. There are many advantages to utilizing the sharing economy of Airbnb- the main advantage is that the host can use something they already have to make a little money and the traveler can enjoy the comforts of home away from home.

The first night spent in Airbnb accommodations may feel a bit unusual. It’s almost like being in your own bedroom, except it might smell a little different and the things in the room are mostly not yours (except for your luggage). It might take a little getting used to. You’ll probably be pretty respectful of the things in the room, knowing they belong to someone else. It’s a different feeling than a hostel or hotel, where a business owns the items. With Airbnb, an individual owns the items. You might be respectful of the snacks left out, only taking one if you are really hungry.

With time, getting comfortable in someone else’s home becomes more natural. As you continue to travel and swap stories with other travelers, you’ll get used to sleeping different places. Then, the comfort of a home setting becomes even more attractive. Often, Airbnb hosts are fellow travelers. You never know what great stories or lessons you might learn from your host or others you encounter on your trip! Encountering so many perspectives is really refreshing.

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