What is an Airbnb Pre-Approval; Airbnb Tips

Have you ever gotten a pre-approval on an Airbnb reservation and not know what that meant? Or perhaps you have heard of it but weren’t sure what it was? Time to clear that up!

A pre-approval is a way for a host to let guests know that the listing is available after the guest sends an inquiry about a potential reservation. After pre-approval, the guest can then confirm a booking for the specific dates.

As a host, when you pre-approve a guest’s inquiry, this gives them permission to automatically confirm a booking for the specific dates they asked about. The dates will not block off on your calendar so you can pre-approve multiple guests at one time. Guests will have 24 hours to confirm a booking that has been pre-approved. After 24 hours, the guest can still request to book your listing with the price offered during the pre-approval, unless you remove the pre-approval. You can remove the pre-approval any time in the message thread if you choose to do so.

If the host sent you a pre-approval, as a guest, your booking is not actually confirmed until you click Book It in the message thread with that host and add in your payment information. Hosts can send pre-approvals to many potential guests, so if you find the perfect space, make sure to complete the booking process as quickly as possible. The pre-approval will expire after 24 hours. After that time, you can still accept the pre-approval but your host will have to approve your request before the reservation is confirmed.

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