What Guests Look for in an Airbnb.com Listing: Airbnb Tips

Check out these fantastic tips on what guests look for in a host listing!

Location may be one of the most important factors in a guest’s decision on where to stay. Travelers don’t need an exact address immediately, but they need to know what the general vicinity means for their trip. Are restaurants, museums, nightlife, and markets walkable? Or is there a long walk to public transportation? Is the street quiet or happening? Is it normal to take a late night stroll or would it be better to not go out alone at night?

Another really important aspect of booking an Airbnb reservation is parking! If a parking space is available, this is a huge benefit to your listing, as many guests will be arriving by car. If there is street parking, is it easy or free- and really, how easy is the parking? The type of parking space is really important too- will it fit a moving truck, or just a regular sedan? Covered and uncovered parking is important to note, too, especially depending on the weather in the area!

Will there be any unexpected noises guests will hear? Things like proximity to train tracks or a fire or police station, early morning garbage truck pick up, or nearby roosters all make a difference. Being up front and honest about noises in your home and neighborhood also allows the host the opportunity to talk about ways to deal with the problem- new windows or ear plugs, maybe?

If someone is arriving from overseas, they may need assistance with confusing utilities and electronics, especially if they are accustomed to something different- such as a fan versus air conditioning.

Guests need to know exactly what to expect. You know, because you live there, but they don’t! If you say that you have a washer and dryer, they have no way of knowing that you mean two washers and dryers shared amongst your whole apartment complex. If you say you have wifi, the guest should be able to access it reliably from their space. If you have pets and/or allow pets, be sure to clarify this in case a guest has allergies.

Be honest with your description, especially regarding size, space, and layout. Use careful word choice to describe the size of a place to set accurate expectations. Provide lots of details for guests so that they know what they are signing up for.

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