Traveler’s Stories from the Sharing Economy- What is Airbnb?

One of my favorite things about travel is meeting strangers who then become friends. I love sharing stories from our travels and life experiences. It’s so enthralling to chat with people from different walks of life, different backgrounds, and those with different goals and lifestyles.

One of my experiences in staying in someone else’s home was hearing Ray’s stories about his extended family- wife, kids, and grandkids. The travels and adventures they went on together. I loved hearing about his adventures in South Africa and his time living in Hawaii.

Once while in another country, I met two people that also live in Colorado! They were Pharmacy Technicians who had saved their money and time off from work to take a few week long adventure to Cuba, once the Americans were conditionally allowed into Cuba. We shared beers and stories for several hours, as the rain poured down around us on the covered patio one summer.

Another time I met someone who was from France and was studying here in the US. I invited him to come out for drinks and karaoke with my friends and I. To my surprise, given we had only exchanged a few words, he came out and brought three other new friends. We had a fabulous time singing and dancing together and still stay in touch.

Another time I stayed in an Airbnb and made such a great connection with the hostess, that I ended up working for her later and forming a lot of great work connections and friendship, too. Despite our age differences and situations, it only takes a moment to make a connection.

These are the kind of experiences you can have through Airbnb. This is Airbnb.

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