Things to Know About Traveling to Orlando via Airbnb

Orlando, nicknamed “The City Beautiful” is in the center of Florida. It’s one of the world’s premier tourist destinations due to the theme parks located there.

Orlando is warm most of the year, and even in the winter or at night, you might only need light layers to keep warm. It’s very humid, so be prepared to feel even hotter with the humid heat. There are sporadic showers, so you might consider bringing a poncho with you to stay dry.

The terrain is very flat, so if you plan to do anything outside, don’t expect any hiking over mountains or many hills. There’s a lot of water to be found nearby.

Orlando’s famous attractions are the backbone of its tourism industry: Walt Disney World is approximately 21 miles southwest of Downtown Orlando in Bay Lake and was opened by the Walt Disney Company in 1971; the Universal Orlando Resort was opened in 1999 as a major expansion of Universal Studios Florida,  and you can also visit SeaWorld; Gatorland; and Wet ‘n Wild. Except for Walt Disney World, most of the major attractions in Orlando are located along International Drive. The Orange County Convention Center is the second largest convention facilities in the United States and brings many conferences and conventions to Orlando!

Consider staying in an Airbnb in Orlando to get away from the tourist attractions at night and have some peace and quiet at home. Orlando ranks as the fourth most popular American city based on where people want to live according to a 2009 study. It’s no wonder so many people are staying in Airbnb in Orlando. This also means that if you are a property owner in Orlando, you can make a lot of extra money through Airbnb!

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