Things to Know About Traveling to Colorado with Airbnb

New to Colorado for vacation? Here are some key things you should know!

First, winters get very cold and lots of snow. Snow can start as early as November or so and run until late April or so. Temperatures can fluctuate. Driving in the snow and ice can be hazardous, especially if you aren’t accustomed to it, so either stay home until the roads are clear or leave extra time and take extra precautions.

Summers get very hot and not all homes have air conditioning. If you must have air conditioning, be sure to refine your Airbnb search to make sure you will have some. The good news is that the heat is a dry heat so it doesn’t feel as bad as humid coastal heat. Temperatures can get a little cooler at night, or downright cold depending on the altitude, so be sure to research the weather in advance and pack appropriately.

Ticks are not really a problem in Colorado due to the harsh winters and freezing temperatures. During the summer months, there are mosquitos (especially around water) but you shouldn’t have to worry about flea and tick prevention for your pets.

In general, people in Colorado are very low key and friendly. It’s easy to meet people and strike up a conversation. There are lots of active outdoorsy people here, so if that describes you, you are coming to the right place!

Colorado is beautiful with its mountain views, and there are a variety of landscapes to choose from varying from the city of Denver, to the Rocky Mountains, to the smaller town feel of Fort Collins and Loveland.

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