Things to Ask Your Airbnb Host: Airbnb Tips

There are some important questions you should run by your Airbnb host prior to staying, and honestly before you even make a reservation.


The first question should be to clarify anything in the Airbnb listing that you don’t understand, including House Rules. Airbnb tip: Clarify check in and check out times and any house policies.


In terms of cooking, be sure to check with the host to see what foods and beverages are available for consumption (if any). Also, check with the host to see what cooking tools and appliances will be available, if you plan to cook in their space.


If the space is a shared space, ask about house rules and what areas are common space. Ask about quiet hours.


Check with the host on how much parking and where it is, as well as how you will enter the home (key, security code, etc.)


Find out the wifi network and password. Check and see if amenities like Netflix are included.

Is laundry available, and if so what type of laundry service?


Ask for local grocery store and restaurant availability, nearby attractions or parks/trails for those that like to exercise.


In areas where marijuana is legal, check and see if the listing is 4-20 friendly, or not.

What are the pet policies- are they allowed or not allowed, and are there any neighboring pets you should know about?


What kind of cell phone service is there in the area, and what carriers have good reception?

Are there any specific times the host is available for contact, or not available?

Does the home include outdoor patio or yard areas that guests can use?


As a guest, are there any special concerns or location specific questions you need to have cleared up?

Sign up as an Airbnb host, what are you waiting for?

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