Should I Hang Out with my Airbnb Host?


It’s your first time using Airbnb for your travel accommodations. You arrive at the appropriate address and call the Airbnb host to let them know you have arrived. The say that they will be right outside to let you in and show you around.

After the initial tour and asking any questions you might have, your host invites you to bring in your luggage and make yourself at home in the shared space of their home. Assuming it’s not too late and you’re not too tired, you might find yourself wondering if you should talk with them.

It’s an unusual situation- not quite a bed and breakfast where you are almost expected to hang out with the host(s), but not quite a hostel where you are expected to do your own thing. You don’t know the host, but you are staying in their home, after all. What to do?

I would recommend asking the host if they would like to spend some time chatting, and if not that it is not a problem. This way, if they don’t want to hang out, they have the easy option to say no in a non-offensive way. If they do want to hang out, then they will have the option to let you know. Simply by asking, you are opening the door of possibility. I would guess that many Airbnb hosts like myself enjoy chatting with guests if the opportunity arises. It would be a little silly (although not impossible) to make money renting out your home or part of your home if you are anti-social or difficult to communicate with.

I love reminiscing on conversations with Airbnb travelers (formerly strangers) and then the transition to having a great time together or maybe becoming friends. We can learn a lot from each other within this international community!

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Image credit: By Brad Coy – 500 Landsdale – Sherwood Forest, CC BY 2.0,

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