Merchant Services for Payment Processing: How to Make a Profit with Airbnb

So maybe you aren’t sold on Airbnb just yet, even though they have a global marketing platform and you can start from anywhere (even bankruptcy and food stamps, like me!). But did you know that they take care of merchant services for you?

Things you will never need to do include: sending invoices, collecting bad payments, and giving guests your address before the pay. Airbnb handles exactly all of the finances! Money can be deposited into your bank account or other choice method of payment a few days after the guest checks in, with no effort from you. You can either have the payment from each reservation deposited, or you can have Airbnb set a limit to deposit once your funds from guests reach that minimum limit.

If your guests change their arrival or departure dates, Airbnb makes it very easy to adjust payments online. You will never need to collect money from the guests themselves. In fact, Airbnb discourages this for numerous reasons including it invalidating their million dollar insurance policy that covers all hosts.

You’ll never have to tell a customer their method of payment is no good. You’ll never have to handle late payments. You’ll never have to total up the credit card machine at the end of the day. Everything is handled for you through Airbnb’s payment processing system, making it extremely easy to be either a guest and/or a host and not have to worry about when/if payment will occur.

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