How to Tip an Airbnb Host

As an American, we are often expected to tip many service providers, including taxi drivers, servers, bartenders, and even hotel cleaning staff. So, that begs the question- do I need to tip my Airbnb host? Airbnbs are short term rentals like hotels, yet they are quite different. Some may even employ professional cleaning services to clean between guests.

It is not typical to tip an Airbnb host. The host is usually the owner or proprietor of the property, and as such can set the fees to make sure they are sufficient for what is provided. If you feel you must leave a tip, sometimes a small gift (such as a packaged food item or handwritten note) is a good way to go. Hosts normally do not expect a tip. Writing them a review on Airbnb would be appreciated, though!

If there is no cleaning fee listed, then don’t worry about leaving money towards cleaning! Just leave the place as clean as when you arrived, and make sure you get any specific instructions from the host on how they want their home left. If there are any specific house rules, be sure to follow these!

If you choose to consume goodies that are left for guests, replace these if you feel you would like to. For most guests, this depends on timing and quantity. If you only ate a little bit, it’s probably not necessary to replace. However, if you ate all the food, it would be a good idea to replace it. Be considerate and respectful, and use your best judgment.

Sign up as an Airbnb host, what are you waiting for?

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