How to Promote Your Airbnb Listing

Airbnb guests are looking for quality and accurate listings with hosts that have good reviews. Airbnb hosts are looking to make their listings stand apart from the rest!

Airbnb suggests that hosts complete each section of their listing. A complete listing helps guests know what to expect from the space. Describe your space by making an attractive, detailed, and informative title and description. Explain clearly what makes your space special, including any amenities you offer and any rules you may have. Be sure to upload high quality photos, as these are the guest’s first impression of the space when they are comparing options on the search results page. Make your expectations for guests clear under House Rules and the House Manual section of the listing.

Past guest reviews (specifically quantity and quality of reviews) from previous guests can affect your search performance. Review the information in guest reviews to see how you can improve the future guest’s experience in your space.

By quickly responding to inquiries related to booking and reservation requests, you demonstrate to potential guests that you will be a welcoming and attentive host. The Instant Book feature can also attract last minute reservations.

Review what other hosts in your area are charging, and set your price point at a similar rate. Consider using seasonal pricing to help your space remain competitive during the off-season of travel. Finding an Airbnb host meetup in your area can also be a great way to ask other local hosts how they make their space stand out during the slow season.

By making your Airbnb listing as clear, concise and accurate as possible you help both yourself and future guests.

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Image By Greg Willis from Denver, CO, usa – Mushara Lodge – Our chalet – exterior, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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