How to Professionally Stage Airbnb Host Space Photos

The key to a fantastic Airbnb listing is to have excellent photos, and this starts with staging! We have some expert tips here to share to help you take the best possible photos of your space!

First, show guests how they would live in your space. Some examples to convey the comfort of your home are opening a cookbook on the counter or putting a glass of water and a book next to the bed, so they can really imagine what life there would be like.

Show the personality of your space, and not just your personal items. In a guest space, pictures of family, friends, and pets should be minimal. Instead, decorate with local art or photos to help them really enjoy life in that area.

Another great way to stage your space is to paint your front door an unanticipated color. Not only does this show that your home is well cared for, but it will help your home to stand out!

Clean and fresh bathrooms are very attractive- so make sure your counter is free of products except for a few with nice packaging. Provide other essentials, but feel free to tuck them away in drawers or baskets. Rolled up towels in a basket are a nice touch, and a potted plant will help brighten the bathroom.

A large mirror on the wall will make any room look classier and more spacious. Placing one next to a window will bring in more light and act like an additional window if it is placed across from an existing window.

Having at least one unique and quirky item brings some charm to your space and makes it stand out.

Create a bedroom sitting area if there is room for a nice upholstered bench or two, plus a chair and side table in a corner of the bedroom. This makes the room look and feel more spacious, although counterintuitive.

Use fresh flowers for classy décor.

Dim the lights to set the stage and give guests a real feel of the space. Be sure to post pictures of the space both during the day and at night. Dim lights in the evenings to give a softer look.

Make sure your yard is landscaped then snap away! An outdoor seating area is a nice touch for guests, and planted flowers and a door mat will make the yard look top notch!

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Image By Corey Coyle, CC BY 3.0,

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