How to Navigate What is Airbnb?

Let’s say you or someone you know is totally new to Airbnb. This post is for you! We’ll get you from never having visited to navigating the site like a pro!

The first step is to go to You don’t need to register or have an account in order to search the site.

The next step is to input the city you would like to visit in the first blank box on the left. You can be as general or as specific as you would like.

Then, input your check in and check out dates from the drop down windows in the next two blank boxes. Remember that some places offer a week long or month long discount. If you are planning on traveling for close to a week or close to a month, it would be advantageous to input a week or month for the time frame to get an idea of what the discounted rate would be. You can then change the dates to the specific dates you are looking for to compare and make your final decision.

Finally, input how many people will be traveling in your party. This makes a difference, as some places to stay can only accommodate one or two people. Hit search to see which results match your query!

You can then refine your search if you like, by choosing entire home, private room, or shared room. You can also drag the price range bar to a smaller or wider price range to see more or less options.

Also, you can click on filters and choose which options you would like or would not like for your potential stay.

The only thing left to do is to review the possible options. Click on each one and read through the details. Be sure to look at host reviews. From there, you can modify your details, request to book, or message the host.

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