How to Make Profit on Airbnb

There are several key steps to making a profit on Airbnb and being a great host.

First, it is essential to take good pictures and spend quality time writing your listing description. Taking pictures of bright and clean rooms can really attract guests. Include pictures of every room in your house, the front of the house, laundry, and any other areas of the home. Include a picture of you, as well. Write a thorough description of your space and the neighborhood, as well as nearby attractions.

Respond to inquiries and bookings quickly. Airbnb evaluates hosts based on the ability to respond within 24 hours, so make sure that is a priority. The percentage of responses within 24 hour is displayed publicly on your listing. Be sure to handle any last minute responses promptly.

Adding in special little extras makes a big difference- a basket of toiletries, extra towels, an info sheet for local transportation and dining attractions, etc.

Promptly after your guests depart, write them an honest review. If you do this quickly and ask for a follow up review, there’s a better chance it will happen. If you wait longer, there is less of a chance they will write a review in return.

Do not cancel on your guests. If a guest needs to cancel, let them do this. Cancelling hurts your ratings as a host.

Taking the above steps will help set you up for success with an attractive listing that will draw in guests.

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Sign up as an Airbnb host, what are you waiting for?

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