How to Host on Airbnb; Safety Concerns


How safe can it be to stay in a stranger’s home or have a stranger stay in your home? Pretty darn safe, actually, thanks to Airbnb.

Airbnb puts their standards and expectations first, both for guests and hosts. Airbnb values trust- without it, the premise behind Airbnb would not work! “Home isn’t just a place to live—it’s a place to be accepted, where you’re comfortable being yourself. At Airbnb, we believe you should feel at home no matter where you are in the world.”

Airbnb focuses on safety, security, fairness, authenticity, and reliability. Airbnb does not allow harming yourself or others, threatening anyone, or creating dangerous situations. Likewise theft/vandalism/extortion, spam/fishing/fraud, and violating other’s privacy or intellectual property rights is also not permitted. There are standards for hospitality, trust and safety, and home safety.

Between verified reviews, profiles and reviews, and a secure messaging system, Airbnb has your safety in mind. There is a secure platform to handle all financial transactions, and hosts are protected up to $1,000,000 with the Airbnb Host Guarantee!

Of course, if you ever feel uncomfortable or unsafe while talking with a guest or host, you do not have to stay there or let them stay with you! Screening guests or hosts is always an option as well! Safety is so important for mental, physical and emotional health.

Hosting with Airbnb is so rewarding and enjoyable, and the income doesn’t hurt either! In all of the times I have stayed in Airbnb accommodations or hosted strangers in my own properties, I have never had an issue with safety! Be aware and listen to your instincts and be cautious, but don’t let fear alone stop you from the opportunity to be a guest or host with Airbnb!

Sign up to be an Airbnb host to start earning on your own property!

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