How to Get the Best Airbnb Reviews

Much like Amazon and other websites, Airbnb thrives off of feedback and opinion, like guest and host reviews. Minor mistakes can have a big impact and even prevent your rental from being financially successful.

Don’t leave your reviews up to chance, make sure you do the absolute best you can to make sure your guests have a positive experience. Reviews are based on the particular rental and also the host- so if you have multiple Airbnb rentals, guests will be able to see all of them and which rental they are associated with. If you have multiple rentals, this can make it easier for new rental properties under your control to take off.

One important thing to do to set yourself up for success is to give a detailed and accurate description. That way, your guests know exactly what to expect. This sets the bar. Don’t promise anything that you can’t deliver.

Go above and beyond to make sure your guests have a lovely visit by taking the time to do special things. Some examples include contacting the guests a few days before arrival to see if they have any questions or special requests, following up with guests during long stays to see if they would like a complimentary cleaning service, and making sure you are available by phone at all times to answer questions or address concerns. If there is any kind of minor problem, be sure to go above and beyond.

Also, make sure you can offer modern amenities like Netflix, or a Keurig or premium tea. Depending on your ideal guests, these amenities may vary. Check out your potential guests for information like frequency of Airbnb use, if they leave reviews, how critical they are, and what kinds of things they note in their reviews. This will allow you to make sure they have the best possible experience.

Finally, by being an Airbnb guest in someone else’s home, you can see both sides of the equation, which will allow you to better serve your guests and pick up tips and tricks too!

Sign up as an Airbnb host, what are you waiting for?

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