How to Find an Airbnb Cleaning Company

What do you need to know when finding a cleaning company for your Airbnb property?

If you see a deal online for a one or two-hour cleaning, you should know that generally a one bedroom one bath takes 2.5 hours to clean. However, sometimes even a small bathroom can take over an hour to clean, particularly if it hasn’t been cleaned for a while. Choose three things you want really well done and have the cleaning company focus on those. Some businesses bill by the hour, but not all are! Make sure you are really clean on how your cleaning time will be spent.

Check out reviews and find out your cleaning professional’s name and what forms of payment they take before they arrive on site. If you are using a coupon or promotion, determine the regular rate for the service, in case you are thrilled with their work and want them to return.

If you live on the property, you can either stay at home when it is being cleaned or leave. It’s all based on preference, and any awkwardness should subside after the first meeting.

Don’t expect a cleaning professional to clean up biohazards like blood, urine, or pet messes. Black mold is toxic and needs to be dealt with by a separate professional. Some cleaning companies also don’t deal with blinds or outdoor work or pests. Other cleaners don’t touch jewelry (so it doesn’t appear stolen), TV screens, computer screens, or windows due to streaking. Highly skilled tasks like duct cleaning, outdoor window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and restoration cleaning like after a flood or fire are also better left to specialists.

If tipping isn’t included, it is customary to tip 10 to 15 percent.

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