How to Change Currency in Airbnb

The currency you pay with when Airbnb confirms and processes your reservation is controlled by your payment method. In some cases, it is even controlled by your country. It is not possible to manually choose the currency you will use to pay. When you choose your country and payment method during checkout through Airbnb’s website, the currency you would be charged with will be clearly shown before you confirm the reservation request.

If the currency you are paying with is not the same as the default currency of the country where the listing is located, Airbnb will convert the payment automatically.

Data from one or more third parties, like OANDA, is used to create the base exchange rate. If the payment is different from the default currency of the country where the listing is located, there is also a 3% conversion fee on your total cost which accounts for Airbnb’s holding costs and foreign currency risks. When you are checking out, the exchange rate will be displayed prior to confirming booking.

If you are paying in a different currency from the designated currency of your payment method, your provider or third-party payment processor may apply additional currency conversion rate or fees to your payment. Contact your credit or bank card issuer to find out what fees may apply, as Airbnb does not regulate these fees.

Although you can view Airbnb listings in many currencies, this will not affect the currency required for payment. To change the currency view, scroll to the bottom of any page on and click on the currency field.

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