How to Cancel an Airbnb Reservation & What if a Reservation is Declined or Expires?How to Cancel an Airbnb Reservation & What if a Reservation is Declined or Expires?

Sometimes, as a guest, you may need to cancel an Airbnb reservation. Maybe your trip gets canceled, or maybe for one reason or another you no longer need that accommodation.

If your reservation has not been accepted by the host, you can cancel with no charge or Airbnb service fees. However, if you cancel after the reservation has been accepted, your reservation will be subject to the terms of the cancellation policy selected by the host.

To cancel a pending reservation request, log into, go to Your Trips, and click Cancel Request on the reservation you would like to cancel.

What if my reservation request is declined or expires? If this happens, it means that the host did not respond within 24 hours. You will not be charged for the reservation and you are able to book with another host.

Airbnb strongly encourages their hosts to keep their calendars up to date and respond to requests promptly. However, this is not always possible. Airbnb encourages guests to contact several hosts prior to submitting a reservation request to address any concerns and questions they may have.

When you request a reservation, your payment may be temporarily authorized for a charge. This authorization will be voided and released back to the payment method if your request is declined or expires. The charge is only completed when a reservation request is confirmed by the host.

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