How to Alter or Cancel a Long Term Airbnb Reservation; Airbnb Tips

Airbnb’s long term cancellation policy is automatically applied to all long term reservations lasting 28 nights or more. A 30 day notice is required for both changes and cancellations.

If a guest chooses to change their reservation, they need to submit a change request to the host.

If the guest gives more than 30 days notice, the changes will happen automatically and the guest will be charged or refunded accordingly. If the guest gives less than 30 days notice, or wants to extend their stay, the host needs to accept or decline the changes. The Airbnb service fees are adjusted accordingly if any changes are made to the reservation price.

If a guest cancels a long term reservation prior to the check in date, the first scheduled payment will be paid in full to the host. The guest would then be refunded any remaining amount. If the guest cancels during their stay, they will receive a refund for the nights of the reservation that start 30 days after the cancellation is made.

Plan ahead for long term reservations and think your plans through thoroughly so you don’t have to deal with losing any money you put down on the reservation.

There are three standard cancellation policies in general- flexible, moderate, and strict. Airbnb enforces these cancellation policies to protect the guest and host alike. The Super Strict cancellation policies apply to special circumstances and are by invitation only. Each listing and reservation on Airbnb will clearly state the cancellation policy. Guests may cancel and review any penalties by viewing their travel plans in their account and then clicking cancel on the appropriate reservation.

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