How does Airbnb Work? Should I be an Airbnb Host?


Airbnb is part of the sharing economy. It allows travelers the opportunity to stay in someone else’s home and have all the comforts of home, rather than the hotel or hostel experience.

Rates vary by area and by accommodations, so the price per night to rent a room in someone’s home is usually less than renting an entire home in the same area. Hosts can set the rate, and they can change it as often as needed. Hosts get paid securely through the website in advance and never have to exchange money with the travelers.

Travelers can meet with the hosts, or not, depending on the situation. Sometimes the hosts live out of the area and they may have a guardian for the property who would be available to help with anything you need, including providing the key upon check in. Sometimes the host will have a system set up where you pay Airbnb and then they give you a garage code, or let you know where the key is hidden, or something along those lines. Sometimes the hosts live in another area of the home and are available for questions and recommendations, similar to a bed and breakfast.

Some of the comforts from home that you will experience with Airbnb include kitchen facilities, laundry facilities, a sleeping area with clean bedding, a clean bathroom and sometimes some extra nice touches like games for guests to play, snack bars, shampoo and conditioner. Sometimes these facilities will be shared and sometimes they won’t, depending on the nature of the listing. You can find out more details by reading all of the listing details on for the specific properties you are considering. Take a look on in the Fort Collins, CO and Orlando, FL areas for some of our Airbnb rental properties!

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