How can I Become an Airbnb Host?

Have some extra space, like people, and want to make some extra money with something you already have? The first step is to sign up by creating your listing, which is like a profile page for the space you will be renting. Within the listing, you will complete a description, take and upload photos and choose a price. The listing helps potential guests get a feel for what your space Is like.

As a host, you get to decide who can stay and when. By choosing specific booking and guest preferences, you can help hosting fit into your lifestyle. Airbnb has tons of great resources on their website from anything to staging and taking photos to understanding your local legal responsibilities.

Once guests book with you, you will receive a reservation confirmation number and a message from the guests. It is your responsibility to message the guest within 24 hours of their message being sent. You can message online through or through the Airbnb app, which will help you get to know guests and address and concerns and questions they may have.

Once your guests arrive, you will need to check them in and give them a key. Some hosts prefer to meet the guest in person and hand over the key, while others provide a door code. You can pick!

Next, welcome your guests. You may choose to offer breakfast, and maybe not. That’s up to you.

Hosts typically clean all the spaces that a guest may use and provide essentials like clean sheets, towels, and toilet paper.

Airbnb handles all of the payment processing and you will never have to directly handle money from guests, as they are charged before they arrive. As a host, there are lots of ways to get paid including Paypal, direct deposit, and international money wire. Your payment is automatically sent 24 hours after your guest checks in.

Regarding fees, listing your space on Airbnb is free. Airbnb takes a 3% host service fee on each reservation.

You get to pick what to charge. After signing up as a host, you will be able to access tools that help set a price that factors in travel trends and prices for similar places in the same area.

Airbnb plans ahead to protect you and your home. Every host through Airbnb is eligible for coverage with no additional fees, and you don’t have to do anything to sign up. Airbnb also offers Host Protection Insurance to protect you from liability if your guests get injured on your property or cause property damage. It is automatically included.

Guests and hosts have profile photos, and both have the opportunity to write a review after a trip. Reviews help keep guests accountable.

Other perks include joining a supportive worldwide community!

Sign up as an Airbnb host, what are you waiting for?

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