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You’ve heard part of our story. I quit my job with no other source of income. I began looking for business opportunities, moved into my friend’s house and rented my condo just to survive and stumbled into the best business model EVER! It was serendipity, difficult serendipity, which involved a lot of risk and sacrifice because I didn’t know what I was doing. Read the rest of our story here.

But, You? I’m going to give you simple roadmaps and tips that will save you the struggle I went through. In Drop Your 9 to 5 & Thrive you’re going to learn how to make your income passive so you can unlock the shackles that keep you trapped in your cube. Come over to Facebook and connect so that you don’t miss any of these super-useful episodes. Remember if you really don’t want to miss a thing that you need to sign up to “receive notifications.”

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