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What is the Sharing Economy & What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is a big component of the sharing economy. Other examples include Uber and Rover.com. These are all examples of someone using something they have to fulfill a need that someone else has. With Airbnb, the host is using a property they own or manage to allow travelers to have a home like place to […]

Legal Airbnb Setup in Orlando, FL: Airbnb Investment

An important aspect of Airbnb is following the local, state, and federal regulations including licensing and taxes. This list should help get you started, courtesy of the Airbnb website. However, if you have any questions, contact the City Planning Division or other agencies directly, or a local lawyer or tax professional. The Land Development Code. […]

Local Airbnb Market Analysis: Airbnb Investment

Before you list on Airbnb, be sure to complete a local market analysis for each listing. Here’s how to figure out what your investment is worth! Even if you already have a listing, you should do this process, too. One expert recommends doing this with each unit quarterly, to monitor market changes. First, start a […]

Airbnb and the State of Traditional Property Rental Market: Airbnb Investment

In Seattle, Washington, vacation and short term rentals are the next crowd economy targeted for regulation. In 2016, the City Council committee will explore a regulatory framework for these short term rentals to see how they fit with the Mayor’s Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda recommendations. However, short term rentals can help those struggling with […]

Airbnb Investment: The State of the Housing Market

In New York City, there is a clear pattern of Airbnb’s listings being dominated by illegal commercial hosts that are manipulating the residential retail market by decreasing the supply of available long term housing units. This means that there is a strong correlation between Airbnb’s growth and the rapid rise of rental prices in the […]