An International Airbnb Story- What is Airbnb?

Still wondering what Airbnb is? Keep hearing about it from your friends and online? That’s because it’s a great opportunity for hosts to use what they have and guests to find what they need while traveling!

Here’s a personal story from a friend. Hannah was traveling to Dominican Republic for the first time in November 2015. She didn’t know anyone there and was traveling alone. Her flight arrived at 3:30 am local time. She wasn’t able to trade her US dollars for American currency at the Boston airport before flying out. The only thing she had going for her was she had already purchased her mandatory tourist card in advance and she was fluent in Spanish.

As she boarded the plane and took her seat, the woman next to her started conversing with her in Spanish. She prayed with Hannah as the plane took off, asking for their safety. She asked if Hannah had a family, and she shared pictures of her family.

During the flight, Hannah expressed her concern over not knowing how she would get to her Airbnb for the night. The Airbnb hostess, Diana, had asked Hannah to call her when she was in front of the house. But Hannah knew her cell phone would not work in DR and she wasn’t sure if she would be able to buy one at 3:30 am at the airport. She wasn’t sure how much to tip the taxi driver, and she wanted to make sure she got into a safe taxi and not a scam. The kind woman helped Hannah at the airport, talking with an airport staff member to make sure she found a legitimate taxi and letting Hannah know how much it would be and how much to tip. She made sure the taxi driver knew Hannah would need to call the hostess when she arrived. Pure kindness from the goodness of her heart.

When the taxi driver got her safely to Diana’s home, he dialed Diana’s number to let her know that Hannah arrived. He waited outside on the dark street with the nervous Hannah and her luggage until Diana came outside to unlock the gate to the property. Diana was wonderful and gave Hannah a welcoming hug as they whispered and walked in to the home. Diana was kind enough to not mind that Hannah arrived at 4 am on a week day, when she had school the next morning. She showed Hannah the bathroom and her room, and answered all of her questions. Hannah was so relieved to have a bed to sleep in with a fan and a bathroom, she fell into bed promptly.

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Image Credit: By Erdealmeria – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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