Airbnb Vs Short Term Vacation Rentals: Airbnb Property Management

What’s the difference between using Airbnb for short term rentals, and renting a vacation property short term not through Airbnb? What are the advantages and disadvantages to each?

With typical short term vacation rentals, usually a large business benefits- like a chain of hotels or condos or a resort. With Airbnb, an individual or small business (or in my case, both!) benefit.

Other factors involved in short term rentals include the cost of vacancies in between guests, and cleaning fees. These would be applicable regardless of whether renting through Airbnb or other vacation rentals.

The biggest difference between Airbnb and other short term vacation rentals is the influence of the sharing economy. Other resources like Rover and Uber also utilize the sharing economy to offer something that someone owns to someone in need- with Airbnb it’s a property that someone can provide and a place to stay on vacation that someone needs! It’s a different relationship between guest and host when one is the property owner or manager and has a close bond with the property, versus with a typical short term vacation rental where whomever you communicate with may just be an employee.

In short, Airbnb and short term vacation rentals have much in common factually, both being places guests can rent for a short duration for a similar price range. However, staying in someone’s home and participating in the sharing economy is very different from a standard business transaction- Airbnb has a much more personal feel.

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Image By Tony Webster from Minneapolis, Minnesota – Dayton House – Worthington, Minnesota, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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