Airbnb vs Hotel/Motel- What is Airbnb?

Think back on your first time of staying in a hotel- did you know what to expect? Maybe your friends or family went with you or filled you in on what was normal. It’s a magical experience- sleeping somewhere that isn’t your own bed. Especially in a hotel, where everything is so clean and made up just for you! Airbnb is a little different, but the same basic premise.

With a hotel or motel, you can usually expect clean linens, a comforter, and pillows on the bed. In the bathroom, you can usually expect a hair dryer, clean towels, extra toilet paper, and a tiny complimentary shampoo and bar of soap. There’s usually a desk with a lamp, phone, and chair. There’s a small bedside table that probably has a bible inside. There a TV somewhere that probably has a few channels included and maybe some pay per view options. There might be a microwave and refrigerator.

When you enter the hotel, there’s probably some sort of security system, such as a front desk staff, or a door to the outside that you have a key card to, or maybe just the door to the outside of your room which has either a manual key or electronic key card. There might be laundry facilities at the hotel, perhaps even a pool or work center. There’s probably vending machines with snacks for sale, too.

With Airbnb, instead of expecting a hotel, you can expect to stay in someone’s home. There will probably be all of the normal home things- the bedroom will have a bed and probably a desk and chair, with clean linens and pillows. The bathroom may not have any shampoo and soap for you to use, but there will certainly be clean towels and the bathroom will be clean. They will probably leave the wifi password for you. The security system will be whatever the homeowner has- perhaps a neighbor checking in, or an armed security system, or a locked front door. The same kind of precautions you would take in your own home, you can find in an Airbnb rental.

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