Airbnb vs Camping- What is Airbnb

Maybe you are an avid camper, but you have never stayed in Airbnb before. Could Airbnb be right for you? What is it?

When you are camping, you probably need to bring a lot of gear. There’s the tent, sleeping pad or inflatable mattress, sleeping bag, and pillow. There’s your bin of toiletries and towel, plus shower shoes. There’s the usual clothes and food. You may bring charcoal and tongs to cook at a campground’s grill, or perhaps you bring your own cook stove, fuel, cooking pot, and utensils. You’ll probably want bug spray and sunblock, depending on the location and time of year.

Benefits of camping include potentially meeting other campers or families, being involved in any activities that may occur at the campground like Ranger talks or walks or maybe even a fire at night. The major draw for camping is probably the super low price- depending on the area, a basic campsite with no hookups may run as low as $10-20 and accommodate several adults.

Good news, friends! Airbnb can be a very affordable alternative to camping! In some areas, you can even find Airbnb camping rentals such as a piece of land or a small cabin. These are usually very affordable, with the added benefit of being on private property so you don’t have to deal with any other campers!

Some Airbnb properties can accommodate large groups, and the per person rate per night can get very low! The benefit to staying in someone’s home through Airbnb rather than camping is you don’t need to bring nearly all of the things you would need to for camping! Most places have a full kitchen with appliances and cooking tools, so you just need to provide the groceries! The beds are stocked with linens and towels, so you don’t need to worry about that!

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