Airbnb Tips: What to Expect for Your First Airbnb Experience

So you are ready to book with Airbnb for the first time! Great! Here are some helpful tips to help you make the most of your time using Airbnb.

First, be sure that you have carefully considered your accommodation needs. offers many filters to refine your search- like pets or no pets, smoking or no smoking, air conditioning, etc. Determine how many people will be staying, what kind of space you want (shared room, private room, or entire home), location, and budget. Search Airbnb and narrow your results with the decision above.

Check out host reviews and get a feel for the host’s personality from the listing and House Rules. Airbnb reviews can only be left by verified Airbnb guests. Check out host photos and see if the host is Airbnb verified. Always contact the host before you book. How quickly do they respond to any questions or concerns you have, and how well do they do so? When contacting them, be conversational and friendly and ask questions. Send a quick introduction on you and your traveling party, plus a quick summary on why you want to stay in this location, and ask any questions you may have. Generally, hosts will be accommodating and answer your questions clearly.

Don’t worry, most Airbnb hosts have seen a lot. Generally, hosts will try to welcome you and make sure you have everything you need. If you have any simple and practical requests when you arrive, feel free to ask your host.

Following these tips will allow you to maximize your Airbnb experience and have a comfortable and enjoyable time.

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