Airbnb Tips: One Traveler’s Experience

Image Credit: Pére Igor

Image Credit: Pére Igor

New to Airbnb and looking for tips? Read on for a unique story from a friend right here in Fort Collins, CO!

“In October 2015, my then boyfriend and I decided we were ready for a change and we wanted to move from Maryland to Colorado. Unfortunately, since we have three dogs, it was really difficult to find a rental that would allow all three dogs, the two of us, and was in our price range.

As we continued contacting possible rental after possible rental and either getting no response or a rejection, we started getting panicked. It was only about a week until we left to drive across the country with the three dogs, for what would be a four day drive.

I started researching possible alternatives- maybe we could tent camp for a week or two until we found a place, maybe this cool Airbnb site would offer something. I had talked with friends before about using Airbnb for travel and heard lots of good things, but had never tried it. I remembered that some Airbnb properties offer long term discounts for a week, or a month, or more. I searched the Fort Collins, CO area Airbnb properties available for the first 2 months we planned to be in the area for the price range we wanted. There were only two  that met our needs and price range. One said that dogs were allowed on a case by case basis and one didn’t allow pets, but I figured I would contact the host just in case to make sure. It didn’t work out with the host that allowed dogs on a case by case basis, but the other host was fine with the dogs as long as we paid an additional cleaning fee upon move out. We ended up staying there for two months, which gave us a chance to get a feel for the area, meet people, find work, etc.

It was so lovely to arrive after an exhausting four day drive to a welcoming host, clean and fully furnished basement apartment, as well as snacks and everything we would need like towels and even shampoo and conditioner in the shower! That feeling is priceless! I highly recommend Airbnb and would definitely use the site again!”

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