Airbnb Security Deposit Host Claim: Airbnb Tips

When you book a listing through Airbnb with a security deposit, the payment details are stored but not charged or authorized for the deposit unless the hosts makes a claim against your stay. The host has 48 hours from your check out date to make a claim for damages to their property.

If a host reports damages, the following process will occur, according to the Airbnb website:

  1. We’ll ask for documentation from the host, and as soon as we receive it, we’ll ask them to contact you through Airbnb’s Resolution Center to discuss the claim. If your host sends you a request, you’ll be notified by email and through an alert on your Dashboard.
  2. Reply to your host’s request in the Resolution Center within 48 hours. Your response will depend on whether or not you agree to the amount requested by the host:
    • Agree to the amount: Click Accept in the Resolution Center. We’ll process your payment and send it to your host, which usually takes 5 to 7 business days.
    • Don’t agree to the amount: Click Involve Airbnb in the Resolution Center and let us know why you think your host’s claim is invalid. We’ll contact you and give you 48 hours to respond to us so we can mediate.

Regardless, Airbnb will ensure that the host and the guest are represented fairly and gather any information needed to reach a resolution. Most security deposit claims will be resolved within a week.

Email communication is required to collected documentation from the host, including photos and/or photos along with receipts, invoices, written estimates, or links to comparable items listing actual cash value for repair or replacement. If Airbnb determines money is owed based on documentation from both parties, then Airbnb will move forward with collecting from the deposit. They reserve the right to collect payment from the guest using the payment details on file.

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