Airbnb Safety: Tips for First Time Airbnb Guest

First thing is first- guest and host safety is of utmost importance. Although most people have a trouble free stay with Airbnb, there have been some legitimate safety concerns raised. Since Airbnb first launched, it added consumer and host protections and worked to ensure that online profiles match real life identities. Without a digital veil of secrecy, Airbnb hopes that people will behave more responsibly.

One of the key points to using Airbnb successfully is remembering that it is not a hotel! It’s a home share option, which means it doesn’t come with the same kind of amenities you would find at a hotel. Pay close attention to the amenities included (and not included) in each listing!

The community aspect of Airbnb is very important to keeping dealings honest. Creating a legitimate profile, getting verified by adding personal information, and getting reviews from friends that use Airbnb can all help you create an honest profile and have a better chance at booking a successful stay.

There are lots of filters on the website to narrow down the kind of property you are looking for, and there are lots of unusual kinds of properties to choose from!

Airbnb has a built in messaging system which makes it easy to ask questions and raise concerns with potential hosts. This will help guests determine which property is right for them.

Booking is a bit more complicated than making a reservation with a hotel. First, you choose a location and dates, then agree to house rules, and send a message through Airbnb to the host. If the host agrees, you can make a reservation and Airbnb handles all the payment info.

Cancellation policies vary, so make sure you read through them before you agree.

Of course, your trip is yours to do what you like on, but most Airbnb hosts enjoy some brief conversation with their guests or having a drink together. The local connection between guest and host is one of the special things that Airbnb offers.

Sign up as an Airbnb host, what are you waiting for?

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