Airbnb Refrigerator and Food Etiquette; Airbnb Tips

So it’s your first time staying in an Airbnb and sharing a kitchen with strangers. Perhaps the strangers are your host(s), and perhaps they are other guests, or perhaps some mix of the two groups. What should you do? What food can you eat? What is the protocol?

In general, if you are unsure, just ask the host. It would also be a good idea to check on the refrigerator and freezer capacity before you buy groceries. Sometimes in shared kitchens there may not be a lot of room for your food to join everyone else’s and it would be a shame to purchase perishables that you could not store.

Typically whatever food you bring, you should label with your name. Guests usually eat their own food only. However, if you need to use a little bit of something that isn’t yours, ask the host or other guests first. It is not uncommon to share things like ice, spices, cooking oil, and condiments. Anything that you might only need a little bit of is generally acceptable to use if there is no one around to ask. Anything that you might need to use the last bit of (think condiments) or open a new package of, you should check with the hosts and other guests before doing.

Likewise, you can expect other guests and hosts to not consume your items. The only exception is if someone makes something to share (which does occur occasionally in these types of situations) and they offer you some, then it is completely reasonable to take a serving.

If the house rules are anything other than the above, you can expect the host to tell you and to list this within the House Rules. Feel free to ask when you are communicating with the host, too, to be extra clear, especially if you plan to do a lot of cooking.

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