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If you are new to Airbnb, or even if you aren’t, before you get your first review you might consider getting public references from people that know you in person. This will help build up your host or guest profile and give you some credibility either before or in addition to reviews. Prior to your first review after your first Airbnb stay, you have no reputation for hosts or guests to base their level of comfort on!

You can get references from friends, family, and colleagues. The advantage to references help people in the Airbnb community get to know you and feel more comfortable booking a reservation with you.

In order to request and write references, you will need an Airbnb account. References will only display on the recipient’s profile if the author of the reference has a profile photo.

If you want to request a reference, sign in to your Airbnb account at Go to your Profile. Select References on the left. Then use the Request References section to send emails to those you know and want to get a reference from.

In the References About You section, you will be able to see references you have received. You need to approve each reference before it appears on your profile.

In the References by You Section, you will see reference requests you have received. The only way to write a reference for someone else in the Airbnb community is in response to a reference request. It is not possible to proactively leave a reference for someone. References are not the same thing as reviews, which can only be left after a guest checks out of a reservation.

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