Airbnb Recommendations for Hosts- Notification & Regulations


Once you decide to list on Airbnb, there are numerous people and organizations that should be notified.

Check with your Homeowner’s Association or co-op board regulations to make sure there are no prohibitions against subletting or any other restrictions that would prevent you from hosting. Read your lease agreement and check with your landlord if applicable. You might also consider adding a rider to your contract that addresses the concerns of any of the above parties and outlines the liabilities and responsibilities of all parties.

If you have any roommates, consider a roommate agreement in writing that outlines things like how often you plan to host, ensures that all guests follow House Rules, and even discusses whether you will share revenue generated by Airbnb if that applies to your situation.

Consider notifying your neighbors about your plans to host, as well as your plan to make sure your guests do not disrupt the neighbors.

If you live in public or subsidized housing, there may be special rules that apply regarding Airbnb. Check with the manager of the property.

Other than determining who needs to be notified, you will also have to make sure everything legally is ok to set up as an Airbnb host.

Look up local taxes and business license requirements that may apply, including hotel/transient occupancy tax, sales, and other turnover taxes like VAT or GST or income tax.

Research permitting, zoning, safety, and health regulations that might apply to running Airbnb from your home. The local authorities for use and development of property in your area may have useful information on such regulations.

If you live in rent controlled or stabilized housing, there may be special rules that apply- contact your local Rent board to ask.


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