Airbnb Pricing Strategy

Airbnb provides many tips to help you as a host choose a pricing strategy for your space. The price you charge is completely personalized- whatever you want to set it as! Airbnb recommends searching for comparable listings in your city or neighborhood to get an idea of market prices, or using automated price tips in your Airbnb host calendar. These steps will help you find comparable listings in your city.

Hosts should also consider the listing’s amenities and features, how much guests have paid for similar listings, and travel trends. These tips will help provide more insight about how different prices can affect the bookability of your listing.

You can view these tips on by logging in to your account and choosing Manage Listings. Click on Manage Listing and Calendar and choose the listing you want to edit. Go to a month with unblocked days then choose See Your Price Tips on the window on the right. Click on Save these Prices if you want to accept Airbnb’s price tips for the selected days.

Another way to view price tips is to select a specific unblocked day or set of days. Since demand may differ daily, the price tips may vary over days. Airbnb recommends checking the price tips regularly for updated information, and keep in mind that tips are only available 60 days from the current date.

You can also add on a cleaning fee- either incorporated into your nightly price or as a separate fee under pricing settings. Other fees can be charged by disclosing these to guests prior to booking and then using the Resolution Center to request payment for the additional fees- fees like late check in, pet fee, or bike rental fee. Airbnb is not responsible for collecting these payments that are not incorporated into your pricing.

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