Airbnb Income: Global Marketing Platform

Since I ran a market research company for 2 years, you would have thought that maybe I researched Airbnb and the financial feasibility before I jumped in? Nope! Honestly, having no income and one main asset (my condo), I decided to do some market research and marketing support for my best friend in exchange for living in her basement for free. In order to maintain our friendship, after a few months of that arrangement, I had to get out of her space. I needed to generate income. I pondered and even considered launching a variety of different businesses, including dog breeding. Then I stumbled upon Airbnb. I can’t even remember who suggested it to me, but I decided to give it a shot.

In that moment, I started to work my way up from rock bottom. Since Airbnb has a huge international and well known platform, as a host you really don’t have to do anything extra in terms of marketing to get the word out about your home for rent! The Airbnb brand comes with credibility, brand appeal, trust, recognition, and a built in customer base- all without you lifting a finger other than to list your property! Everyone wants to stay in Airbnb! People are already looking for Airbnb properties to rent on vacation, so it’s win win!

At this time I was living on food stamps and had to declare bankruptcy, so I know how hard it is dealing with an extremely limited budget. Even on my super strict budget, I was able to get my condo listed on Airbnb and start renting it out for income!

The magic part is that Airbnb’s platform does all the marketing work for you!!!!!!! Airbnb spends lots of time, effort, and money to market their services and build their brand. There’s unlimited already built up demand and now all you have to do is build an unlimited supply (homes and apartments to fill with travelers!). I’ll show you how to make this happen!

Sign up as an Airbnb host, what are you waiting for?

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