Airbnb Hosting: Availability & Who Can Host

One of the standards for being an Airbnb host is availability. It is extremely important for hosts to share current availability with potential guests to help everyone make travel plans. You will need to keep your personal calendar up to date on a regular basis in order to keep things current.

Maintaining an updated calendar is an ongoing commitment. It should accurately reflect your availability to be sure that you won’t receive reservation requests for dates you can’t accommodate.

If you need to decline a reservation because you accidentally make your calendar available when you should have blocked those dates off, let the guest know why you are declining in case they are interested in other dates in addition.

You can set up reservation requirements to make sure you receive requests from guests who match your hosting style. You can also check out reviews that a guest has received from previous hosts to determine if they might be a good fit for your space.

Who can host on Airbnb? Almost anyone! It is free to sign up and list your space. There are diverse listings on the website- anything from shared rooms, to private rooms, to entire homes/apartments all over the world!

People that like entertaining and socializing with strangers would be excellent hosts. Homes near attractions and in popular cities and towns would also be good spaces to list.

You can list your space for guests in almost any location worldwide. Due to international regulations that restrict the use of by residents of certain countries, services are not available in Crimea, Iran, Sudan, Syria, and North Korea.

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