Airbnb Host Requirements- Part 4

Be sure to read Parts 1 through 3 first!

You have the option to charge a cleaning fee through Airbnb. When providing towels and sheets, they should be clean. Leave cleaning supplies available so that guests can clean up spills and accidental messes. Consistently receiving low cleanliness ratings may subject you to penalties. Travelers expect a clean space.

Guests will also have the opportunity to rate their overall experience in your space. The average of these ratings will appear on your listing page. It also appears when a traveler searches for a place to stay and see listings that match their search criteria, so this will help you stand apart in the search results. Keep in mind that many guests may be far from home, so try to anticipate what they may want and what they may need help with.

Personalize each guest’s experience to suit their travel needs and personality. Ask for feedback from guests so they can help you to improve. They can either tell you face to face or leave private feedback upon submitting ratings.

You have control over the price of your listing, but be sure to set a price that balances expectations with reality. Guests have the chance to rate the value of your listing and the average of these ratings appears on your listing page. You can adjust your prices seasonally. As a first time host, you may consider lowering your rate so that you can obtain a few bookings and get some experience. Again, if you receive low overall experience ratings, you may incur penalties. If your ratings continue to reflect that guest expectations are not being met, your listing may be removed.

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