Airbnb Host Requirements- Part 3

Be sure to read Parts 1 and 2 first!

One of the best things you can do as a host to ensure a good review is to keep communication clear- this starts with an accurate and clear description of the space for rent. Guests will be able to rate the accuracy of the information provided. A detailed profile and listing page will attract guests who match your hosting style and can help you earn great ratings.

In your listing, use a variety of high quality photos with captions. Write a detailed description of the space. Provide a list of House Rules that address situations like bringing other people into the space or smoking. Let guests know in advance if there are parts of the space that are off limits, such as storage areas or outside. Be honest about unexpected factors that would affect your guests, such as a recent nearby construction project.

The amenities that your space offers can make the difference between a good and a great space. List all of the amenities and make sure that each one you list is available and functioning.

When setting the price, remember that travelers will probably assume that what they pay indicates the quality of the space.

If you regularly get low ratings on the accuracy of the information you provide on the space, there may be penalties. Airbnb wants travelers to feel confident that the space they book is what they will find when they arrive.

Make sure your space is clean and tidy for your guests. They will be able to rate the cleanliness of the space. The average of ratings of cleanliness appears on your listing page. Don’t forget to allow sufficient time to clean, especially when there are back to back bookings. Clean every room that guests will be able to use during their stay, especially the bathroom and kitchen.

Read Part 4 for more information!

Sign up as an Airbnb host, what are you waiting for?

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