Airbnb Guest No Nos; Airbnb Tips

According to Airbnb hosts, here are some tips on things that guests should never do:

-Refusing to turn off lights, even when they are not home. This costs the host extra money, especially for a long stay!

-Bringing a pet and offering to clean up the pet mess upon check out, but actually not cleaning up the pet mess at all, and allowing the pet to destroy the host’s furniture.

-Not making conversation upon arrival. Hosts understand jet lag or being quiet, but a little conversation is needed to make both parties comfortable when welcoming a stranger into your home.

-Guests not cleaning up after themselves, as if they were in a hotel. This is rude!

-Not being entirely truthful about the trip, such as not telling an accurate guest count.

-Not responding to messages or calls.

-Asking the exact address before booking.

-Demanding things from the host that are not included in Airbnb services (room service and such!)

-Guests not providing check in time and especially when they show up as a surprise and expect someone to welcome them.

-Not reading or breaking the house rules, including check in or check out time.

– Spending hours in the bathroom, particularly if it is a shared bathroom, or showering late at night.

-Being loud.

-Smoking indoors.

-Inviting other guests into the home.

-Expecting the host to be on call 24/7.

-When guests are so nice during their stay and say that everything is perfect, then write a bad review about something that could easily have been fixed.-Having sex while the host is home in a small home where sound really travels. Similarly, watching porn loudly for an extended period of time while the host is home.

-After indicating to guests that the host will be around at the specified check out time, having the guest check in several hours late or early with no communication on the change in arranged time. Having to wait around for them.

-Using the host’s personal toiletries.

Sign up as an Airbnb host, what are you waiting for?

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