Airbnb from a Cleaning Service Perspective

As an Airbnb guest or host, you may not have stopped to consider the cleaning service perspective. For the cleaning service, what time guests check in and out is very important so that the cleaning service can arrive after the guests leave and depart before the next guests arrive, as sometimes there are same day turnovers.

As the cleaning service, it is important to keep in close contact with the owner or property manager of the Airbnb so that when items get left behind, the rightful owner can be contacted.

Sheets and towels have to be changed between every guest. Trash cans have to be emptied. Counters have to be wiped down. Dishes have to be washed and dried and put away. Floors have to be vacuumed, swept, and mopped. Bathrooms have to be cleaned. Any additional mess has to be taken care of. Plants have to be watered. Things have to be put back in their places. All of these things have to be done between every guest.

Luckily, due to the nature of Airbnb, most guests are very tidy. It’s natural to be respectful of someone else’s home. As someone who has offered cleaning services to Airbnb hosts, I can vouch for how tidy most Airbnb guests are. Some people forget some things and there are the usual traces of guests- like trash in the trash cans, toothpaste in the sink, and sometimes some smudges on the mirrors, but nothing major that can’t be remedied with some good old fashioned cleaning.

The cleaning service does not need to be tipped, and in fact, the cleaning fee is typically included in the rate or shown on in addition to the rate. So what you see is what you pay.

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