Airbnb Friendships- What is Airbnb?

What is Airbnb? It’s part of a sharing economy, where homeowners can rent out part or all of their home to travelers. The primary reason that homeowners want to rent some or all of their property is to make money. Travelers need a place to stay and will pay for the comforts of home.

Sometimes, friendships develop from these transactions. Often hosts enjoy spending time with others and getting to know travelers.

In a previous post entitled “An International Airbnb Story: What is Airbnb?” I wrote about Hannah’s welcoming experience in Dominican Republic with Diana. Diana and Hannah have stayed friends and message regularly over Whatsapp, talking about relationships, travel, and fashion. Diana shared with her when she got engaged to her German fiancé. Diana asked Hannah about the boots she was wearing in Dominican Republic because she wanted to get a similar pair for her travels. It’s been really fun to see their friendship develop.

Sometimes business connections result, too, like when an Airbnb guest hits it off with a business owner host. The both realized that the guest has the skills to satisfy the business need that the host had with her business. They became friends and went out for dinner and drinks and dancing together a few times, introducing each other to some of their other friends and favorite spots.

Although not every transaction will result in friendship, it shouldn’t be a surprise if it happens. Airbnb is bringing together travelers and residents from all over the world in new ways! Not only are they both helping each other out, via Airbnb, but there are added benefits, too!

Sign up as an Airbnb host, what are you waiting for?

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