Airbnb Experiences & Tips: Andrea’s Experience in Colorado Springs

My friend Elizabeth shared some great tips and talked about her Airbnb guest experiences here! Now it’s time to share another friend’s experiences and tips for Airbnb travel.

Andrea signed up for Airbnb and made her first booking for herself and two friends in Colorado Springs. They live about 2 hours away in Fort Collins, CO and were traveling to Colorado Springs for a three day weekend for an athletic competition. The hotels in the area were very pricey but they wanted all the comforts of home, so booking an Airbnb accommodation was perfect. As athletes (even though only one was competing that weekend), they have very specific dietary habits and prefer to shop for and cook their own food. Plus, who doesn’t love to save a little money instead of eating every meal out when traveling? Andrea and her friends really enjoyed the two bedroom one bathroom house they booked, especially having a full kitchen to prepare their health meals in.

They also really enjoyed the fenced back yard to sit outside and chat, or have a drink, or have breakfast together in the cool morning air. They laughed together at the odd sounding rooster that could be heard not too far off. They enjoyed walking to the nearby coffee shop each morning for coffee. They loved the luxury of the shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel dispenser in the bathroom. The location was about a ten minute drive from the competition, which was a great distance. There were lots of restaurants nearby to choose from too, and the view of the mountains was gorgeous. The neighborhood was a nice and quiet one, which was nice for a morning walk.

Everything was absolutely lovely. The only thing that was slightly less than satisfactory was that the listing advertised three beds and that it slept four. The three friends were slightly disappointed to find out that the king, queen, and twin beds advertised were actually a queen, twin, and air mattress. They were all able to sleep comfortably, but they wished that the air mattress would have been specifically listed as such in the description. Other than that they had a fabulous stay and would definitely return.

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