Airbnb Communication Guest- Host Protocol: Airbnb Host Tips

New to Airbnb and not sure how to handle communication with your guest or host? Don’t worry- we have you covered!

First thing is first- during the initial contact, before a guest makes a reservation request with a host, the guest should ask any questions they have any bring up any concerns about the space. The host should answer the questions promptly and honestly. Airbnb recommends hosts respond within 24 hours of any inquiry.

If the guest is satisfied with the host’s responses, then the guest may choose to make a reservation request. If the host is also satisfied with communication with the guest as well as the guest’s reviews, then the host can approve the reservation.

As the date approaches, Airbnb will remind the guest and host of the scheduled reservation and check in times. The guest should contact the host in advance to set up a check in time and verify check in procedure, as every property is different. The host doesn’t necessarily need to be there when the guest arrives- this will depend on their system and preference.

On the arrival date, if anything changes the time of arrival, the guest should let the host know right away. Otherwise, when the guest arrives, they should announce their presence by knocking or ringing the doorbell, and greeting the host. There may be some polite small talk, and then the guest should ask the host any questions they have any obtain any information necessary for their stay. They should get the host’s contact information (If they don’t already have it) in case anything else comes up while they are there. The host should let the guest know of anything important. During the guest’s stay, if there are any issues on either side, the appropriate party should inform the other party in a respectful and honest way.

After the guest checks out, the host and guest should each leave honest and helpful reviews through Airbnb. Now you know what to expect as an Airbnb host!

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